The Word on Zynq

The Zynq Book is the first step for the emerging Zynq developer. Created as a comprehensive companion, the book covers all aspects of Zynq development from hardware to software, theory to implementation.

The Zynq Book covers the following topics:

What is Zynq?
How do I work with Zynq?
Why do I need Zynq?
What can I do with Zynq?
About the Zedboard
Education, research and training
Embedded systems
Zynq SoC design and development
IP block design, creation and reuse
High Level Synthesis
The AXI interface
Operating systems on Zynq
A focus on Linux

Image of software stack
Image of a ZedBoard

The Zynq Book also features a companion set of tutorials, complementing specific waypoints in the book and consolidating topics covered up to each point (for example embedded system design, or using High Level Synthesis).

The book has been written in an approachable manner, so that beginners or experienced developers alike can pick it up and find what they need. Readers new to Zynq should find a gentle introduction that begins with the basics, while those with more experience should also be able to dip into chapters of interest as needed. Ultimately, we hope that this book will remain on your desktop as you continue to work with Zynq!